Bunny Rental Agreement

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We accept Cash, Postal Money Orders, and e-transfers. We do not do Paypal or Credit Cards.

Unprofessional behaviour, including but not limited to: rudeness, false accusations, and name-calling will result in immediate cancellation of all outstanding agreements, and may result in further legal action.

We no longer allow people into the rabbitry area*.

Rabbits rented from mink Hollow farm are not to be re-sold FOR ANY REASON.
When the rental time is up, the rabbit MUST be returned to the farm., along with all cages, dishes, toys, etc.

*If you come to our farm to rent a rabbit we will bring it out for you and you may inspect it before taking it, but for reasons of disease control and security, no-one is permitted into the rabbitry.

We reserve the right to refuse to rent a rabbit to anyone.
If you have not yet paid a deposit, we have the right to refuse to rent to you without explanation. If you *have* paid a deposit (or in full), we will refund your money and provide you with an explanation.

Full payment is due upon pick up.

Please Note: I am honest with all my dealings and I expect renter's to do the same. If I ever find out that a renter has misrepresented themselves, their intent, failed to abide by the terms of this agreement, I will cease to deal with them and may pursue further legal action.

The Renter(s) warrants that the rabbit:

  1. Will not be used for purposes other than those agreed to (see note below).
  2. Will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and will be fed a suitable diet for its age and condition.
  3. Is not being rented on behalf of a third party.

The Renter(s) further understand(s) that if there is a failure to keep any part of this contract, or if the rabbit is neglected, maltreated, or is failing to receive adequate medical care, the Renter will surrender said kit to the Farm unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation.

Rabbits are provided as is. I will not knowingly rent out a rabbit that is ill. It is your responsibility to check the rabbit thoroughly at the time of pick up.

Health guarantees are for 7 Days from the time the bunny leaves my home. I can not guarantee animals once in a third party's hands (shipping/transport). I will replace the rabbit with one of a similar age and same sex (when possible) should it become ill or die within the 7 day period. Under most circumstances there will be no reimbursement, only replacement. Replacement agreements will be made IN WRITING, and include an expiry date.

All illness must be reported within 24 hours of the onset of the illness. Any ill rabbit must be seen by a qualified vet to be eligible for replacement. For the replacement to take place, the forfeited (live) rabbit will need to be returned to me at the renter's expense within or shortly after the 7 day period. Photos of deceased rabbit's are needed for replacement. Replacement does not cover shipping or any other costs (my travel costs etc.); this is the renter's responsibility. I do not reimburse for or contribute to any veterinary or necropsy bills.

Exclusions from the Health Guarantee on the above are as follows:

  • Any illness or death that is not reported within the 7 day period (and within 24 hours of the onset of illness) from the time of rental.
  • Improper diet.
  • Abusive or improper handling, neglect or accidental death.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Improper or unsafe housing causing sickness or death.
  • Unsanitary living conditions.
  • Injury from other animals.
  • Death or illness due to travel stress.

Are the kids allowed to handle the bunny?
I know, obviously there would be risk or bites or scratches, as with any animal, but just wondering if kids holding/playing with the bunny is okay with you.
Absolutely. My suggestion would be to have the kids sitting on the floor when they are handling the bunny.
Sometimes they squirm or kick (the buns, I mean, although I'm sure some kids do that too ) and sometimes if the kids are startled they pull their arms away. If they are sitting on the floor, the bunny is much less likely to be hurt.
Bunnies don't have very strong backs. Spinal injuries are one of the more common injuries in rabbits. Having them on the floor when they are being handled helps to minimize that. If you have an expen that's 18“ or more high, the kids could even sit right INSIDE the pen with the bunnies (one or two at a time). Another possibility is to have the kids sitting in a circle and to put the bunny(s) in the centre).

Can we take the bunny outside either on a leash and harness (I used to do that with my bunnies when I was a kid!) or in an x pen type area?
I would suggest an expen rather than a leash. Be careful that the bunny is NOT put on any lawn, etc. that's been sprayed with insecticide, herbicide, or fertilizer.

What is the best way to transport the bunny to and from the farm?
A small animal carrier if you have one, otherwise, just a small cardboard box will do. Rabbits tend to feel more secure in small spaces so that's better for transport.

If families wanted to take the bunny home over the weekend is that ok, or would you rather he is just checked on at the school?
It's fine if they want to. It might be useful/fun to create a Bunny Sleep-over Checklist for that. You could even create it as a class. It's a way to discuss the care needs of a bunny. I would recommend they ONLY go to homes that don't have other pets. Disease control is an important reason, but also, I have had bunnies killed by the family dog over the years, even though EVERY family is SURE their dog would never harm the bunny.

One current caution (for 2018): If you have anyone in your class who goes to Vancouver or Vancouver Island, please ask that they do NOT have the bunnies in their homes, and that they be very careful to make sure their clothes, shoes, etc. are well cleaned before coming into contact with the bunny(s). That area is currently dealing with an outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Fever, which is highly contagious, and fairly easy to carry on your clothes. It is of NO danger to humans, JUST rabbits.

What are your terms if something were to happen to the bunny while in our care? If it requires vet care (like a broken bone, which has happened), all associated costs are your responsibility.
If it needs to be humanely destroyed, we can do that here. If you opt to have a vet do it, you are responsible for the costs.
If it is anything else, we can discuss it.
Problems are rare, but they DO happen.

When would the return date be, or do we decide on that?
You can decide on that. Rentals are for one month, but rabbits can be returned sooner.

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