Changes in Effect During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Due to the need for physical distancing Mink Hollow Rabbitry has instituted a number of changes to our normal approach.
These are in addition to our usual policies.
We will not expose anyone at the farm to unnecessary risks.

Please note the following carefully:

During the pandemic we will no longer be able to take any rabbit back once it has left our property FOR ANY REASON.1)

There will be NO returns or refunds for ANY rabbit sold.

When you purchase a rabbit from us, you are committing to looking after that rabbit for its ENTIRE life.
You MUST agree to NEVER sell the rabbit you purchased2).
Normally we would take the rabbit back if you can't keep it, and once Physical Distancing restrictions are lifted, we will be once again happy to take animals back.
During the pandemic, if you are unable to keep the rabbit FOR ANY REASON it MUST be humanely euthanized

  1. We will no longer allow ANYONE on our property to look at or purchase rabbits.
  2. Mink Hollow Rabbitry will provide photos and whatever information we can on the rabbits attributes before the purchaser makes their decision.
  3. People who have purchased rabbits from us in the past and who are still in good standing will continue to be able to purchase rabbits.
  4. People who have solid references from people I know personally will also be able to purchase rabbits.
  5. People who do are not already known to us may need to wait until the worst of the pandemic has passed (which could be this summer).
  6. ALL rabbits must be paid for IN FULL before picking up your rabbit.
  7. If you decide to purchase a rabbit, a mutually agreed upon location will be chosen and the rabbit will be transported to that pickup location in a cardboard box. I will open my hatch and you will retrieve the box with the rabbit in it. I will close my hatch (please do not touch the vehicle).
  8. You will have an opportunity to inspect the rabbit before taking it, and if you change your mind, your deposit will be refunded - MINUS a 20% handling charge.

People who are not prepared to agree to these measures will either have to purchase their rabbits elsewhere, or wait until conditions surrounding the pandemic change.

Thank you for your understanding.

In normal times we would take a rabbit back if you can't keep it.
You may do what you wish with the offspring
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