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Queries, Comments and Links that may be of use for anyone teaching at the Academy.

<epigraph>“Learning and teaching are not inherently linked. Much learning takes place without teaching, and indeed, much teaching takes place without learning.” (Etienne Wenger, 1998) </epigraph>

My Teaching Philosophy

About Teaching, generally:
Avoiding Spams and Scams Easter Eggs and Spam [Thanks to Ben Levy]
Understanding: Costa & Kallick's

Wiggins & McTighe's Rubric for the Six Facets of Understanding

Pedagogy: Jazz Teaching by Paul B. Weinstein
On "Coverage", "Content", & "Outcomes" - A Summary From a Few Respected Sources
What is Inquiry-Based Learning? [slides for a departmental talk I gave in 2004, updated in 2005]

Web Resources
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For Teaching Assistants and others:

For Teaching Assistants and others:
On Doing Presentations
presentations how-to

"Teaching at Stanford"


Computer Science

TA Discussion Forum

Outline of TA duties

for CPSC 203 [non-major's CS literacy course]
for 1st year computer science course

Some sample marking guides (rubrics)

(all in CS).

Although most of these guides are specific to computer science, some of the methods employed may also be of use elsewhere.

project proposal
research project
project post-mortem
programming assignment [a]
programming assignment [b]
programming assignment rubric
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Me & My Kids at Midterms - Such a Happy Bunch!

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