Things I've Learned

An adventure of sorts began for me in December of 2000…….

Here are a few of the lessons I've learned
Note that this page is a work in progress (not necessarily in order of significance)

Allegiance can be bought - more easily than I would have thought.
True loyalty can only be earned.

Some people surround themselves with “rented” friends. As long as they continue to pay the rent (i.e. each person, as they say, has their price), they can wield power. If they stop paying, their 'friends' will find a new landlord.

You cannot deal in good faith with an individual that does not act in good faith. [This line is a variation on a line in a New York Times article, “The Imperial Presidency at Work”, January 15, 2006, no author listed. The original line named the White House as the subject of the statement.]

People are very quick to form opinions (call it judge if you like) - based on what they've heard. If what they hear comes from someone they trust, even a little, people will rarely try to form their own opinions.

There are a whole host of people out there who have already judged you, and they have never even met you.

Very few people believe it is possible to live life without telling lies.

Most people believe that there is a difference between telling “white” lies (which, presumably, are OK), and the other kind (which most would say are not OK). Most people also believe they can tell the difference between the two.

Part of My University Story

Are all Universities places where free thought is encouraged?
The following links go to two pages that K.Becker was forced to remove (under threat of disciplinary action) from her University of Calgary web site on February 4, 2005. She was allowed to put them back in May 2005, but it was made clear that it was *pending* further investigation.

Have a look and decide for yourself. Should they have been banned? Should a university administrator have the power to unilaterally decide what faculty can and can not post on their web pages? I was told that a Computer Science instructor should ONLY post computer science information.
The University of Calgary's Network Policy, and the University's OFFICIAL position on Freedom of Expression, Academic Freedom and Freedom of Inquiry can be found below:
University of Calgary Rights, Responsibilities, Services and Resources
CAUT - Canadian Association of University Teachers
On Academic Freedom:
SAFS - Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

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