Games Studies Theses

The following is a list of Master's and Doctoral theses that have been completed that have to do with serious games (and in some cases more broadly with digital games). Doctoral Theses are marked in bold. You can get more info on each thesis by clicking on the associated 'details' link.

Note: I am just starting to develop this list. So far, almost all the theses are Canadian ones. If anyone has a thesis they would like me to add, please let me know the following: Name, Title, Year, Degree, Country, Institution, Department, Abstract, URL to the thesis (If you are willing, I'd like your nationality too). (Please see the bottom of this page for a template.)

Please send info on theses that are about DIGITAL GAMES ONLY (I am not interested in theses about Game Theory (i.e. math), ELearning, Virtual Spaces, Social Websites, Blogging, Graphics, AI, … UNLESS they specifically focus on applications to or for digital games).

For those who, like me, like to have things be convenient, here is a set of links directly to the year pages.


Daviault, Christine Look who's pulling the trigger now : a study of girls'/women's relationship with video games Daviault, Christine


Theses 2001 Games and Simulations in Workplace eLearning Ahdell, Rolf and Andresen, Guttorm


Theses 2002 Design and evaluation of Java game programming environment Dong, Ying


Details Parallelization and performance of interactive multi-player game servers Abdelkhalek, Ahmed
Details The meanings and experiences of virtual reality Brayton, Jennifer
Details It's just really fun to play! : a constructionist perspective on violence and gender representations in violent video games Delamere, Fern M.
Details Interactive and adaptive audio for home video game consoles Fish, Jonathan B.
Details Player as author : digital games and agency Poremba, Cindy
Details A visual tool for generative scripting in computer role-playing games Redford, James Michael
Details The phenomenology of play with The Sims Scissons, Hannah C. (Hannah Colleen)
Details Virtual communities and team formation Zhang, Yanru


Details Computer interfaces using vision-based gesture recognition Baumback, Mark
Details What Educators Can Learn from Multiplayer Computer Gaming: a study of who is playing and their perceptions of learning. Beedle, Jonathan Barry
Details Cheat controlled synchronization schemes for online multiplayer games Chen, Bei Di
Details Learning in games : an experimental analysis of how learning takes place in games with stable and unstable Nash equilibria Luyendyk, Megan
Details Fantasy Play-Worlds: A Study Of Culture, Communication And Technology As They Intersect In Computer Fantasy Roleplaying Games Schut, Kevin
Details Informatization of a nation : a case study of South Korea's computer gaming and PC-Bang culture Stewart, Kym


Details What do we learn when we change the way we play? : augmenting the computer gameplay experience Bojin, Nis Andre
Details Video game playing : effects of an audience and player personality Bolton, Amanda Geraldine
Details The design, development and assessment of an educational sports-action video game: implicitly changing player behaviour Ciavarro, Chad
Details Modeling user emotion in interactive play environments : a fuzzy physiological approach Mandryk, Regan Lee
Details Network software architectures for real-time massively-multiplayer online games McFarlane, Roger Delano Paul
Details Cultural Influences On Video Games [electronic resource] : players' preferences in narrative and game-play Ngai, Anita Ching Yi
Details Semi-automated gameplay analysis for role-playing games Newton, Jonathan
Details Cognition and Learning in Massively Multiplayer Online Games: a critical approach Steinkuehler, Constance
Details Pervasive learning : always on education Thomas, Siobhan
Details Adolescents and video games: What I discovered about authentic learning and video games Tisa, Lynda Giselle


Details Infinite regress : the blurring of an architectural game-space Boron, Dariusz Jacob
Details Locality aware dynamic load management for massively multiplayer games Chen, Jin
Details Full spectrum propaganda: the United States military, video games, and the genre of the military-themed shooter Clearwater, David A
Details Engagement and learning in a computer role play game : Neverwinter nights in Antarctica Hadziomerovic, Aida
Details The name of the game: building methodologies for the study of video game theory Harvey, Alison
Details This Might Be a Game: Ubiquitous Play and Performance at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century McGonigal, Jane Evelyn
Details If you write it down, does it really mean you remember it? : the effects on explicit versus implicit memory of peripheral brand placements in a video game context Mehmi, Deepak Ajit
Details Learning to play: the design of in-game training to enhance videogame experience Paras, Bradley Stephen
Details Beyond fun in games : the serious leisure of the power gamer Silverman, Mark
Details Plans and Purposes: How Videogame Goals Shape Player Behaviour Smith, Jonas Heide
Details Teaching children about Internet safety : an evaluation of the effectiveness of an interactive computer game Trinneer, Anne
Details The exploration of video games as a tool for problem solving and cognitive skills development Zaparyniuk, Nicholas Eugene
Details PNFG: a framework for computer game narrative analysis Martineau, Felix


Details The Effects of Video Game Playing on Perceptual and Cognitive Abilities Boot, Walter
Details Interest management for massively multiplayer games Boulanger, Jean-Sebastien
Details Pixels, parts & pieces: constructing digital identity Boudreau, Kelly
Details Computer gaming for vision therapy Carvelho, Tristan
Details A distributed server architecture for massively multiplayer online games Khan, Nadeem
Details Characteristics of early narrative experience: connecting print and digital game Madej, Krystina S
Details Quest patterns in Computer Role-Playing Games Onuczko, Curtis Aaron
Details Massively Multiplayer Online Game Virtual Environments: a potential locale for intercultural training Pirius, Landon Kenneth
Details Educational Video Game Design , a research/design methodology St-Pierre, René
Details Adversarial planning in RTS games through simulation Sailer, Frantisek
Details Dialogue patterns in computer role-playing games Siegel, Jeffrey D


Details Applications of CSP solving in computer games (camera control) Ali, Mohammed Liakat
Details The invention of good games: understanding learning design in commercial video games Becker, Katrin
Details Gamers as learners: Emergent culture, enculturation, and informal learning in massively multiplayer online games Chu, Sarah
Details Video games and second language acquisition: The effect of interactivity with a rhythm video game on second language vocabulary recall, cognitive load, and telepresence deHaan, Jonathan
Details Consistency Maintenance for Multiplayer Video Games Fletcher, Robert D. S
Details Homeless: It's No Game - Measuring the Effectiveness of a Persuasive Videogame Lavender, Terrance
Details The “Heat Game”: an augmented reality game for scientific literacy Rees, Carol
Details Beyond Fun and Games: 
Interactive Theatre and Serious Videogames with Social Impact Shyba, Lori
Details Believability, Adaptivity, and Performativity: Three Lenses for the Analysis of Interactive Storytelling. Tanenbaum, Joshua Glen
Details Adolescent problem gambling: relationship with affect regulation, Internet addiction, and problematic video game playing Taylor, Robyn N
Details Video game expertise and visual search and discrimination Wu, Sijing
Details Computer-aided exercise Yim, Jeffrey W.H


Details Making Sense of Video Games: An Ethnographic Case Study on the Meaning-making Practices of Asian Adolescents Hung, Aaron Chia Yuan
Details The Potential of Serious Games for Teaching High School Construction Technologies: A Case Study Kardynal, Jeffrey P.


This is the template I use to format the entries. If you fill in the blanks, it will make my life much easier. It will also increase the likelihood I will get around to posting your thesis sooner rather than later. (Thanks)

===== Last name, First Name =====
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^         Year:|<the year>  ||
^      Country:|Thesis: <institution's country>  |Candidate: <candidate's nationality (if desired)>  |
^       Degree:|<the degree awarded>  ||
^  Institution:|<name of institution>  ||
^   Department:|<name of department or school>  ||
^          URL:|<url to the thesis>  ||

**Abstract: **
<place your abstract here. Please be sure to leave a blank line between each paragraph.>
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